Veils & Wraps finish your wedding ensemble with class!


Add elegant veils & wraps to finish the perfect wedding look.  

Wedding veils are still one of the most traditional and popular accessories for your wedding.
Choose from multiple colors, fabrics, vintage lace, and beading. Veils & Wraps can be made in multiple styles to flatter your dress and pull your whole look together.
 Types of Veils
  • Chapel
  • Double Tier
  • Cathedral
  • Flyaway 
  • Elbow 
  • Fingertip 
  • Blusher
  • Waltz
  • Pouf
  • Fountain
Types of Wraps
  • Faux Fur Wraps
  • Faux Fur Capes
  • Faux Fur Stoles
  • Vintage Lace Shawls
There are several things to think about when considering a veil:
Hair Style:
To showcase your hairstyle, choose a veil that fastens underneath your ‘do or one you’ll remove for the reception.  Otherwise, you can opt for a veil that you’ll wear throughout the event a

nd your hair will simply support the veil. 
The amount of time you plan on wearing your veil can dictate how long it should be.  Wearing it for the ceremony only?  Go ahead and get one that rivals Princess Di’s. But if you want to wear your veil until the party’s over, you’ll need a more functional approach – either a shorter veil or a multi-layered one with a top layer that can be worn on its own during the reception. 
If you plan to remove your veil after the ceremony, keep in mind that it won’t appear in post-ceremony or first dance pictures.  To ensure this classic accessory is adequately documented, many brides wait to remove the veil until after the first dance.
Your veil should not compete with your dress, so if you’re wearing an elaborately embellished gown, keep your veil simple.  Ornamentation on your veil should start below where your dress embellishments end. When it comes to color, your veil should complement your wedding dress – not mimic it.  Don’t obsess about finding a perfect match.
Your veil should remain consistent with the formality of your wedding. A cathedral-length veil is great for indoors but wouldn’t work for an outside ceremony.